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Welcome to The
University of Texas at San Antonio Flute Studio!

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Spring 2022 Flute Studio Events

  • February 10, Dr. Shauna Thompson Guest Artist Masterclass

  • February 17, Dr. Hirstina Blagoeva Guest Artist Masterclass

  • March 6, Dr. Rachel Woolf Faculty Flute Recital 

  • March 31, Carlos Cruz Senior Recital

  • April 9, UTSA Flute Ensemble performance at the Austin Flute Festival

  • April 18, Maíra Viana Master's Recital Project

  • April 27, Bryana Ramirez Senior Recital

Fall 2021 Flute Studio Events​​​​

  • August 15, UTSA Flute Ensemble presents program "La Nueva Primavera" at the National Flute Association Convention

  • October 14, Air Force Band of the West, Nightwatch Quintet, Guest Artist Masterclass

  • November 2, Nicole Moriel Senior Recital

  • November 22, Sirena Nuñez Senior Recital

  • November 16, UTSA Flute Studio Recital

Spring 2021 Studio Events:​​​​

  • February 15, Guest Artist Gaby Vargas (Chicago-Based Flutist)

  • March 1, Guest Artist Althea Rene (Jazz Flutist)

  • March 29, Guest Artist Dr. Hannah Weiss (Grand View University/Central College)

  • April 19, Guest Artist Dr. Erin Murphy (Oklahoma State University) 

  • April 6, UTSA Flute Ensemble Performance in the UTSA Giving Day

  • April 25, UTSA Flute Ensemble Spring Recital, La Nueva Primavera, featuring four World Premiere compositions commissioned by the UTSA Flute Ensemble in 2021

  • May 6, UTSA Flute Ensemble presents "Fiesta de las Flautas," a 25-minute program featuring music by Mexican composers at the Texas Flute Society's Spring Festival

  • May 24, UTSA Flute Ensemble presents "Fiesta de las Flautas," a 25-minute program featuring music by Mexican composers at the San Diego Flute Guild's Spring Festival

Fall 2020 Studio Events:​​​​

  • October 29, Guest Artist Dr. Conor Nelson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Lecture/Masterclass

  • November 9, Guest Artist Dr. Brian Dunbar (SUNY Potsdam) Lecture/Masterclass

  • November 19, Guest Artist Amy Porter (University of Michigan) Lecture/Masterclass

  • November 30, Guest Artist Dr. Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington (University of Oregon) Lecture/Masterclass

Spring 2020 Studio Events:

  • January 10, Dr. Mira Magrill (Miss Saigon Tour) Masterclass 

  • February 6, Adam Workman, President of Flutistry, Lecture/Workshop

  • February 16, Julia Uriegas performs Poem by Charles Griffes on the UTSA Concerto Competition Winners Concert

  • February 17, Dr. Charlotte Daniel (Baylor University) Recital/Masterclass

  • March 18, UTSA Flute Studio Recital CANCELED due to Covid-19

  • April 14, Guest Artist Dr. Hilary Janysek (Texas Lutheran) Lecture on Beginner Flute Pedagogy

  • April 20, Guest Artist Dr. Brielle Frost (Lamar University) Lecture on Setting Yourself up for Success

  • April 26, Guest Artist Elise Henry (Second Flute of the Los Angeles Philharmonic) Lecture/Discussion

  • May 1, Sydney Guerrier, Virtual Senior Recital

  • May 1, Ben Carlee, Virtual Senior Recital

  • May 1, Carlos Cruz, Virtual Performance Barrier Recital

  • May 1, Sirena Nunez, Virtual Performance Barrier Recital

  • August 5, UTSA Flute Ensemble Performs on the National Flute Association's Virtual Summer Series 

Fall 2019 Studio Events:

  • October 31, Dominic Valadez Senior Composition Recital

  • November 5, Guest Artist Dr. Tabatha Easley Masterclass/Recital

  • November 17, UTSA Flute Ensemble Fall Recital, "Uncharted Paths"

  • November 21, Nadia Hernandez Senior Recital

  • December 5, UTSA Flute Ensemble Pre-Winterlude Performance

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